2011-2012 EAPrep, TX Globey Winners Announced!

The World Wide Workshop and partners are proud to announce
the winner of the Globey Awards for 2011-2012 for EAPrep (TX).

Grand Prize: each member of the winning team receives a Game Designer Kit (Laptop and Adobe Flash software).

WINNING GAME: Flood Escape by The Golden Apple


Team Name: The Golden Apple
Team Members: Alex Araujo, Josue Llamas, and Jorge Calderon

School: East Austin College Prep Academy
Lead Teacher(s): Teresa Valdez


No Gang; More Maze by La Sopa

Tiger Savior by Tech Tigers

The Endangered Wolf, by The Smarties

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Competition winner was chosen based on the following criteria:
1. How well the game works (Technical quality)
2. How well the game-making process is presented (Production quality)
3. How well the game represents knowledge and facts (Research quality)
4. How well the game teaches educational content (Content quality)
5. How well the game is designed (Artwork and animation quality)
6. How well the team collaborates (Teamwork quality)

The World Wide Workshop thanks our esteemed Globey Awards partners:

EAPrep     Adobe      Konami
Southwest Key Programs     EA     AMD

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