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Invented and incubated by the World Wide Workshop in the spring of 2006, Globaloria is the first-of-its-kind K-12 learning platform with courses for teaching kids how to design and code educational games and interactive simulations (web/mobile). Globaloria has successfully served thousands of students and educators since its inception. Globaloria technology and content are designed to cultivate engagement in STEM and Computing learning among students on a large scale, and has won many awards and shown unparalleled success among schools in rural and urban communities of varied socioeconomic status.

Globaloria provides a rigorous, turnkey, blended learning solution for STEM and computer science education, comprised of a customizable digital platform and comprehensive course offerings. Globaloria courses each provide a 40-100 hour game-design curriculum using industry-standard tools, a customized learning platform with dynamic backend and learning management systems, programming and design tutorials, coaching by educators and industry experts, live and digital support systems, and onsite and online educator professional development—all within a vibrant social learning community.

Globaloria is designed for academic success. Through project-based learning, students are empowered to drive their own design and learning-by-doing processes to master coding and computer science. Educators engage in virtual and in-person training academies, and ongoing self- and peer-to-peer learning and mentoring, to become empowered to lead a STEM-rich, blended classroom, delve into coding and computer science, and transform their teaching styles to be more collaborative and transparent.

Globaloria can be implemented in various formats: as individual courses or a comprehensive cumulative program as part of a regular school day for a grade and credit; integrated into an existing core curriculum or elective class, or as a stand-alone course. Globaloria can also be implemented within afterschool activities or summer camps. Many principals and organizational leaders use Globaloria as a project-based vehicle to “STEM” their organizations and faculty.

The key outcome of Globaloria courses (in any implementation format) is that each student successfully learns to take an idea from invention to completion, and to collaborate with peers to design, research, code, program and publish an original educational game (web/mobile). Along the way, students also master global thinking, social media tools such as blogs and wikis, and the skills required to document, chronicle, and co-learn as active members of an online learning community. Student games are celebrated in the Globey Game Design Competition, a curricular component that motivates students to pace through complex problem-solving and reach excellence and effective teamwork, as well as share their progress and products with their larger community.

Research has shown Globaloria educates students in technical and computational skills and content knowledge that results in improved academic performance and increased Constructionist and digital learning abilities; preparing them for college-level studies, digital citizenship and careers in the global knowledge economy. If coding is the new literacy, then Globaloria is the way to become literate.

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