Inspiring Students to Love Learning (Teresa and Nyssa, Educators)


Globaloria students work together in a blended learning environment


Globaloria educators at EAPrep engage students daily


Educators train to lead a successful Globaloria class


STEM learning and design work together in student games


Globaloria students at San Jose incorporate design with STEAM learning


Globaloria students at I.S. 364 working together


Idit teaching in Israel


Globaloria in West Virginia: A Statewide Learning Network Model

Launched in 2007, Globaloria in WV has expanded to include thousands of students from middle schools, high schools, community colleges and alternative education programs across the state. As a first-of-its-kind statewide network for learning, this model demonstrates the potential for Globaloria to be implemented on a large scale, integrated at multiple grade levels, across the public school system and higher education. Educators implement Globaloria as an elective, a high school completer course, and as an integrated program within the school core curriculum, aligning the program with state standards and objectives in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and 21st Century Skills (Global21).

Globaloria in WV is conducted in collaboration with the West Virginia Department of Education, the WV Governor’s Office, Knight Foundation, Benedum Foundation, Frontier Communications, the ESA Foundation, Caperton Fund, and the West Virginia Center for Professional Development.

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Globaloria at East Austin College Prep (EAPrep), Texas: A School-Wide, Charter School Model with Full Integration across the Curriculum from Middle School to Graduation

Launched in 2009, Globaloria at EAPrep demonstrates the potential for Globaloria to be implemented as a school-wide teaching and learning opportunity. Every student takes a daily, 60 to 75-minute Globaloria class where they develop educational and social issue webgames focusing on original educational and social issue topics. EAPrep students engage in Globaloria learning year after year, from middle school through graduation, deepening STEM skills and digital literacy in preparation for success in college and beyond. The Globaloria curriculum at EAPrep is aligned with the Texas Content Standards for Mathematics (TEKs), ELA and Technology Learning. Support for Globaloria at EAPrep is provided by the AMD Foundation, Southwest Key Programs, the ESA Foundation, Adobe, the Caperton Fund, and the World Wide Workshop.

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Globaloria in San Jose/Silicon Valley, California: A Community-Wide Transformation Model

Launched in 2011, Globaloria in San Jose/Silicon Valley is committed to empowering the community as a whole to be more informed and engaged. Globaloria in SJ/SV is the first implementation in a variety of venues (schools, afterschool clubs, community centers) and with multiple target populations (youth, educators, parents, community leaders) to achieve its objectives of community-wide transformation. Globaloria in SJ/SV is in collaboration with Knight Foundation, Google, Cisco, Microsoft, Motorola, the ESA Foundation, AMD Foundation, Adobe, Konami, Silicon Valley Education Foundation, Krause Center for Innovation, Shortino Foundation, SanDisk Corporation, Oak Grove School District, East Side Union High School District, Franklin-McKinley School District, KIPP Bay Area Schools, and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley.

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Globaloria in Wyoming: A District-Wide Rural STEM Mastery Model

Launched in 2013, Globaloria expanded to Wyoming in partnership with the Sheridan County School District #1. All middle schools in Sheridan County District #1 offers Globaloria to their 6th and 7th grade students as a pathway to STEM skills and for college and career readiness. Globaloria in Sheridan County is the lighthouse implementation for neighboring counties to lead into innovation.

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Globaloria at Skillpoint Summer Camp in Austin, Texas: An Enriching Summer Experience

Launched in June 2012 in collaboration with the STEM Council at Skillpoint Alliance, this summer enrichment program is designed to spark students' imaginations and inspire them towards STEM careers. In its first implementation, a group of Austin-based middle school students created games focused on clean energy that were presented to industry professionals. Summer 2013 replicated and expanded on this successful first year with additional opportunities around the Austin area, including in the Round Rock Independent School District. 2014 and beyond will build on these initial years of partnerships to reach more Austin-based youth. Globaloria STEP UP Summer Camp is generously supported by the STEM Council at Skillpoint Alliance and Adobe.

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Globaloria in Manor ISD: A Large-Scale Implementation Model

Launched in fall of 2012, Globaloria at Manor Independent School District (MISD) is the first district-wide Globaloria implementation. Globaloria at MISD offers students Globaloria as a required support class for core subjects, such as math, and as a rigorous component of the Career and Technical Education curriculum. Globaloria at MISD is a direct partnership with the MISD leadership and community.

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Globaloria in New York: An Urban Learning Network Model for Innovation

Globaloria has been active across New York City schools since January 2011, when it partnered with IS 364 Gateway Intermediate School in Brooklyn. This successful pilot once completed, has inspired the program’s expansion among The Young Women’s Leadership Schools, as well as to an increasing number of the city’s iZone schools, including the Bronx Writing Academy, where Globaloria is being offered to all 7th grade students as part of their comprehensive STEM, digital and 21st century learning. Globaloria in NYC is funded by our school partners and Google.

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Globaloria at The Young Women's Leadership Schools, New York: A Cross-Curricular STEM Learning Model for Girls

In fall 2012, Globaloria established a partnership with the Young Women's Leadership Network to ensure the students at their New York City-wide Young Women’s Leadership Schools (TYWLS) advance their STEM education and acquire the skills, knowledge and experience for citizenship and leadership. The partnership began at The Young Women's Leadership School of Astoria in Queens, NY, and has since expanded to TYWLS Bronx. TYWLS students engage in Globaloria as a cross-curricular STEM learning platform integrated into history/social studies, foreign language, and digital media and literacy courses. Globaloria at TYWLS is a partnership with YWLN, TYWLS and Google.

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Globaloria in Hillsborough County, Florida: A District-Wide STEM Learning Model

Launched in 2011, Globaloria in Hillsborough County is the first county-wide implementation with middle and high school students using Globaloria to create educational webgames to enrich their formal STEM curriculum. In collaboration with the Hillsborough County Public Schools, Globaloria in HCPS will grow to reach every student in the district, the eighth largest in the nation, and demonstrate the power of blended learning for education transformation.

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Globaloria Worldwide: An International Collaborative Learning Model

Since 2006, Globaloria has reached students in over 20 countries, facilitating collaborative digital learning and projects among youth around the world. As a rigorous turnkey instructional solution, Globaloria has been uniquely deployed for various student populations. Globaloria was piloted in 2006 in Netanya, Israel, with funding by Cisco and in collaboration with NET@, bringing together 40 Arab Israeli, Jewish Israeli, and Russian immigrants virtually to focus on global awareness. And in 2008, the World Wide Workshop partnered with Schlumberger Excellence in Educational Development on a science-focused implementation of Globaloria that deepens participant understanding of critical global environmental science issues. And in 2008, the World Wide Workshop partnered with Schlumberger Excellence in Educational Development on a science-focused implementation of Globaloria that deepens participant understanding of critical global environmental science issues. Through programs like these, Globaloria has connected students in China, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, Malaysia, and several other countries to develop digital literacies, STEM knowledge and global citizenship skills through game design.

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Globaloria at the National Jazz Museum in Harlem, New York: A Summer Workshop Model

Launched in July 2011 at the National Jazz Museum in Harlem (NJMH), Globaloria workshops teach jazz and digital literacy to youth ages 13-19 through game design. The program piloted as an intensive summer program, modeling the potential for learning and empowerment through Globaloria in an informal learning context. Globaloria at NJMH was a jointly funded initiative by NJMH, ECA Foundation and the World Wide Workshop.

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