FOR TEACHERS BY TEACHERS: Using MaMaMedia in the Classroom for Science Education with the Internet.

During 1997-1999, we received multiple emails from teachers requesting help and ideas for how to use the Internet in their teaching, and how to incorporate into different subjects and grade-levels. In response, we formed an educational alliance with teachers from around the nation.

The goal of this project was for our editors to support teachers who are interested in exploring the integration of the Internet in education. Together, the alliance developed a website called -- featuring a total of 50 lesson plans, 20 of them published in our Science Center. Each of the lesson plans incorporates the MaMaMedia vision of helping kids learn by doing, by being challenged, and by having "hard fun," and using the Internet as a tool.

All the Internet Lesson Plans on this website were created and submitted by teachers, to be published for their fellow teachers. These unique, printable, ready-to-use lessons provided a large variety of activities to help kids learn by using the resources and content for exploring, thinking, and creating with technology in their classroom.

The process of collaboration on creating the website, provided a valuable experience and resource for teachers' own learning, in the same way we support their students' learning - through exploration, self-expression, and exchange.

Lesson plans were published in a variety of other subjects, including: Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Technology, Arts. The Lesson Plans are also grouped according to: Grades K-3, Grades 4-6, and National Standards.