Watch these mini-documentaries to learn more about how Globaloria is transforming teaching and learning, and introducing young students to computing education through game making.

Various Schools

Making Games and Learning Fun
(Lindsey, 12th Grade, Ammar,
6th Grade, and Clayton, 10th Grade)

West Virginia

Leveling Up on Career Skills
(Lindsey & Corey, 12th Grade) 
Gaining News Literacy
(Heath & Maddie, 11th Grade) 
Understanding Mathematics
(Ryan & Malachi, 7th Grade) 
Teamwork and Self-Confidence
(Sheena, 12th Grade) 
Game Making and the Scientific Method
(Sarah Ellen, 12th Grade) 
Educating Future Science Innovators
(Miranda & Alexandra, 10th Grade)

Bridging the Civics Education Gap
(Valerie & Caleb, 12th Grade)
Skills for Life, School and Work

(Alexia & Qianna, 10th grade)
Hands-on Learning for Life

(Seth & Andrew, 12th grade)
A Different Way of Learning

(Phyllis & Joshua, 8th grade)
Making Games about Social Issues

(Mercedes, 12th grade)
(Charles, 12th grade)
(Trevor, First Year)

East Austin College Prep Academy, Texas

(6th and 7th-graders)

(6th and 7th-graders)

Lights Camera Help Finatlist The World Wide Workshop’s documentary series Voices from the Field was named a 2010 finalist in the Lights. Camera. Help. film festival in Austin, Texas.