MaMaMedia OLPC Activity Screen

This program focuses on the development of creative learning software for low cost laptops, in order to support 1:1 computing worldwide. Our goal is to give educational opportunities to the next billion learners so that they will become creative thinkers, learners and leaders with technology.

As the first project in its "Next Billion Learners" intiative, the World Wide Workshop has partnered with OLPC to create the MaMaMedia Creative Center, a set of original Constructionist learning activities for young children in developing countries. The MaMaMedia Creative Center is based on award-winning, kid-tested, "hard-fun" puzzles, digital toys, and creativity tools from

OLPC iconThese activities highlight the valuable edu-design principles of the "3X's" (eXplore, eXchange, eXpress) and leverage the unique operating system and technological features of the XO Laptop, including the laptop's built-in camera, drawing and writing tools and mesh network. Children learn to invent, make, and share their own puzzles, stories, cartoons, polls, quizzes and more. Easy-to-follow lesson plans and tutorials are also offered for teachers and parents who have little or no previous experiences with computers, the Internet, and programmable media technology.

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Zimi, 9 years old, XO user