Learning.MaMaMedia.com: Using MaMaMedia.com in the Classroom


A leading thinker and academic in the field of cognitive research and technology, the World Wide Workshop's Founder and President has written extensively on Constructionist learning-the theory that children learn best when they use computers in a way that puts them in the active roles of designer and builder. In 1995, MaMaMedia.com was created as a site that solidly integrates Constructionist learning theory into the design of all its activities, encouraging children to learn by exploring, playing, thinking and programming on the Internet. Teachers immediately saw the benefits and promise of integrating MaMaMedia online learning activities into their curriculum, especially if they had access to the Internet in their classrooms. Teachers understood that the website's tools, activities, themes, and learning games would inspire and challenge young people in grades K-6 and across existing curriculum topics.


The MaMaMedia team worked closely with classroom teachers on the design of Learning.MaMaMedia.com. The program provides lesson plans and teacher support materials to educators who want to use the Internet in constructive and creative ways with children. The well-organized presentation of the site helps teachers find online activities appropriate for their curriculum and student grade level.


The lesson plans at Learning.MaMaMedia.com were written by educators and correlate directly to national curriculum standards. As requested by teachers, the lessons provide suggested grade level, subject matter/curriculum focus, skills and objectives, and include all required written materials as well as a step-by-step instructions for implementing the lesson plan using MaMaMedia.com. Most importantly, the lessons integrate online and offline learning for young people, demonstrating how the Internet and MaMaMedia.com can be used for exploration, research and information, as well as self-expression, creativity, design, and content sharing.


MaMaMedia.com offers 50 lesson plans, written by and for classroom teachers seeking to use the Internet creatively and constructively with their students.