Every year, Globaloria students participate in the Globey Awards, a game design competition that is the culmination of the year-long Globaloria program. The Globey Awards celebrate excellence in game design process and teamwork, and motivate students to dig deeper in their learning, while developing real-world skills using industry-standard tools.

The Globeys are launched in the Fall semester with students working on their projects throughout the school year and submit to the competition at the end of the Spring Semester. Students compete against others in their own geographic region. In 2014, there will be 5 regional competitions: California, Texas, New York, West Virgnia and Wyoming.

The winners are then selected by an expert panel of industry game designers and STEM innovators. The winners will be announced during the summer on July 31, with certificates and prizes, sponsored by our partners around the nation, awarded to the winning students.

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If you are a student or educator, please find more information about the Globeys competition here.